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Designed from the ground-up to be an immersive, massively multiplayer experience for room-scale virtual reality systems.

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The World


The Order of M’aat

The Order, established by Toras Ryll after the fall of Laegonelle, has endured for tens of generations. The Order’s influence and power are vast and reach every corner of the land. Their Inquisitors hunt out heretics and keep a wary eye for anyone showing signs of awakening, while their Scholars study ancient relics in the Tower Vault, probing for ways to further increase the Order’s strength.

The Guild

The Guild is the collective organization of the artisans, innkeepers, and mayors. They are beloved by all, and are frequently seen as the ones who “get things done” while the Order stays in their Tower meddling in the politics of power. Members of the Guild receive a guilder to wear around their neck when they have mastered a craft.

Followers of Khabor

Although the Order officially denies their existence, rumors persist about a secret cult which studies the writings of Khabor Jan, the leader of the Legion who first tore the veil between the realms of Order and Chaos. They seek a way to re-open the veil and reclaim the power of Laegonelle.


Battle Disciplines


The Runemage is a quick study, memorizing the runes which the gods themselves used to create the world. These runes provide direct access to a powerful energy which can be harnessed and used to cast spells such as fiery missiles or bolster the strength of allies.

A Runemage’s weapon is their wand, which they use to draw runes. The runes must be memorized and practiced so that they can be cast quickly and accurately during battle; the most powerful Runemages know an entire litany of spells to use at a moment’s notice.


Every child in the villages of the forest learns the basics of using a bow and arrow to hunt the creatures which dwell in the wood. The Ranger has taken these skills and honed them until they have become like a sharpened arrow able to strike any foe.

The Ranger’s weapon is the bow, and a variety of special arrows that the Ranger has imbued with effects such as poison or a fiery rain of destruction. The most powerful Rangers can hit targets from great distances, fire multiple arrows at once, and possess deadly accuracy.


The careful study of alchemical properties, combined with creative tinkering and the use of runes, has led to a new weapon: the musket. The Musketeer can fire a straight shot, and augment his weapon with runic orbs which provide harmful and beneficial effects to their enemies and allies.

The most powerful Musketeers can use the range of their orb explosions to damage or heal many targets at once. They also deploy their floating turret to guard them, or sacrifice it to further increase the range of their effects.


Warriors are the toughest fighters in the realm, capable of standing up to punishing blows and protecting their allies from any danger. They can throw their sword to traverse great distances quickly to come to the aid of an ally in need, and their shield provides a barrier against even the most brutal attacks

Truly skilled defenders can project a force barrier that can protect everyone around them from crushing blows. Keeping a wary eye on the entire battlefield, they direct the flow of combat to ensure that allies with the greatest need receive the greatest protection.

Resource Disciplines


The paw of a rabbit, the petals of the lotus blossom, and a piece of an elemental creature from another realm: these are the ingredients an Alchemist prizes. Using careful measurement and ample preparation, the Alchemist can create bottled miracles -- potions which heal the injured, increase the speed of one’s feet, or even raise the dead.

The most dedicated Alchemists even age their creations for days or weeks, knowing that a special creation can become something even greater when it is provided with time to mature.


Fishing can be a very relaxing way to spend an afternoon. Casting your line, reeling it in, and hoping for a bite. The true Fisherman, however, understands the challenge of catching the most elusive and valuable fish -- hidden treasures in the lakes and rivers all around us.

Those rising to the highest challenge will need to craft lures from bone and fur, travel to the forgotten corners of the realm, and wait for the perfect moment to coax their prize from the water.


Adventurers from across the realm will travel great distances to have their weapons and armor forged and enhanced by a talented Artificer. Customizing and balancing each piece to its owner’s exact needs is within their grasp. Artificers also create useful gadgets such as traps and tools for others.

The most fabled Artificers often go on adventures of their own to the most dangerous places in the world, seeking the discovery of new runes and ore to further advance their own knowledge, and that of their entire craft.


Find Your Place

An Epic Tale

Your journey begins in a humble village, and a quest to aid the Guild and keep your friends safe. This seemingly simple task will lead to an adventure that spans the entire realm.

Make new friends and foes as you grow in power and unlock your inner ability. Find your place in this world, and uncover its secrets.

It’s Dangerous to Go Alone

This world is filled with danger -- from the creatures which lurk in the deep wood to the citadels you must conquer to achieve your goals. Your best hope of survival is to seek out allies who can aid you in your endeavors.

It is possible to attack others outside of the safe areas near towns and cities. However, the Order and the Guild work to maintain peace, and where their influence is felt you will be branded a criminal and hunted down for attacking innocent targets. Once you’re a criminal, there’s a bounty on your head, and you’re fair game for anyone brave enough to bring you to justice...

Danger Awaits

The Wilds

Located far away from civilization, the Wilds are places where only the most well-seasoned adventurers dare to tread. Here the rarest creatures are found, having taken root in the deep parts of world. Assemble a party and attempt to hunt them down. Along the way you’ll find the most valuable resources that any artisan would pay a sizable ransom to receive.

But be wary; the wilds are a lawless place, and your prize isn’t guaranteed until you’re able to escape with it. If you are killed by the monsters that dwell there, or by others who covet what you’ve found, your hard work will be for naught.


The most challenging foes are Aberrations -- incredibly powerful creatures from the Realm of Chaos which have entrenched themselves in our world. They are often found in lairs, growing ever stronger, surrounded by other creatures which bask in their power.

Some say the aberrations are Khabor’s curse upon us all. Very few even survive after catching a glimpse of one. Venture forth and test your mettle against these deadly enemies -- and claim your reward.

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